Letter | Google it? How about the Whisperer declares it?

THE Windradyne Whisperer refuses (or is incapable) of seeing the bleeding obvious.

In his foolhardy reply (“Those who forget history”, July 24) to my letter (“It’s his party: Whisperer needs to make that clear”, July 21), he again failed to fess up to his massive political conflict of interest, which exists in every word of every column he writes and your paper publishes.

The issue is not me because I don’t get to write a weekly column forcing my views on readers like the Windradyne Whisperer – but if you’ll allow an alternative column I’d gladly take it up.

Even when prompted by my letter, the Windradyne Whisperer refused to declare his political loyalty to the National Party – telling readers to Google it.

Sorry, that is simply not good enough and readers deserve better. New and existing readers alike deserve to know week in and week out that you are so heavily politically conflicted by your National Party membership.

Everything the Windradyne Whisperer thinks is politically biased, which is actually fine in itself, but when you write it in a public column on a weekly basis, you just have to declare it, especially when it’s membership to a major political party that you’re trying to hide!

The Windradyne Whisperer should be honest and upfront with readers by stating “Lachlan Sullivan is a member of the National Party” with each and every column published, unless he would prefer to resign from the National Party?

I reckon the column has existed for at least a decade, with, say, 50 columns published per year. So that’s easily 500-plus completely false representations - all skewed and coloured to benefit his membership to the National Party. 

It’s astounding hypocrisy that the Windradyne Whisperer calls out other people’s political memberships as though they are sinners, while refusing to state his own party membership as though he is above politics and being straight with ordinary Bathurstians.

Perhaps the Advocate should run a simple poll for readers: Should membership to a major political party be declared by regular opinion columns like the Windradyne Whisperer?

Paul Haysom, former Labor councillor