Driver four times the limit caught coming out of McDonald's car park

A MAN who drank three-and-a-half bottles of Fat Yak beer and recorded a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit has been fined, disqualified from driving and put on a bond after appearing before court.

Marcus Lindsay, 25, of Seymour Street, Bathurst, appeared before Magistrate Viney in Bathurst Local Court charged with high-range PCA.

Police facts handed to the court told how Lindsay was stopped by police on June 6 after he pulled out of the Bathurst McDonald’s car park just after 12.50am.

Police, who were patrolling the area, saw the accused turn out of the car park and into Elizabeth Street.

Police followed the car for a short time and said it was all over the road and not holding its position in the lane.

The officers activated the highway patrol car’s warning lights and pulled the car over.

Lindsay, who was the only person in the car, produced his driver’s licence for police.

A roadside breath test produced a positive result and the accused was placed under arrest and taken to Bathurst Police Station.

A breath analysis recorded 0.216.

In relation to his drinking, Lindsay said he had consumed three-and-a-half bottles of Fat Yak beer at his home over a couple of hours, according to the police facts.

Police said Lindsay’s eyes were red and bloodshot, his clothes were dishevelled and he smelt strongly of liquor.

They also said his speech was slow.

The court also heard Lindsay attended the traffic offenders program, and took into account a number of references.

Lindsay’s employer spoke of his remorse for his actions, telling the court in a letter that Lindsay had said “what have I done ... this could have been a lot worse”.

Another referee spoke of Lindsay’s embarrassment over the situation. 

Lindsay was convicted, fined $1200 and disqualified from driving for eight months.

A mandatory interlock order of 24 months was also imposed, as was a Section 9 bond for a period of 12 months.