Driver had blood alcohol reading four times the legal limit

A MAN caught driving with a blood alcohol reading four times the legal limit has been convicted, fined and put off the road.

Brandon Wayne Pringle, 22, of Lovejoy Avenue, Blayney, appeared before magistrate Viney in Bathurst Local Court.

Police facts tendered to the court told how police attended a property in Bligh Street, Bathurst at 12.50am on June 10 after receiving information that Pringle was possibly driving to the location while intoxicated.

While police were speaking to a resident at the location, the accused drove into the street in an orange Holden Colorado and exited the vehicle.

Police approached the accused, but he walked away and towards the house. 

Police told him to stop because he was not welcome at the house and he paced around the front yard. 

Police asked for his driver’s licence and asked if he had been drinking.

"Yeah, I've had plenty. I’m here to sort things out," Pringle said, according to the police facts. 

Pringle was given a roadside breath test, which returned a positive result, was placed under arrest and handcuffed and submitted to a search, which produced a C Class NSW driver's licence.

According to the police facts, Pringle admitted to police that he had been drinking at the Family Hotel before driving.

He was taken to Bathurst Police Station, where, after a 15-minute observation period, he recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.207.

Pringle was convicted, fined $1200 and disqualified from driving for six months from June 10, 2018.