Parade | Easy way to help farmers sits in shopping trolleys

WITH so many different groups appealing for money to support the farmers during the drought, it can be hard to know where to direct your efforts. 

Parade can’t make that decision for anyone, but she did read something interesting that might help people, particularly those that are short on money. 

A farmer with a public profile posted on Facebook that the “best and easiest way to help farmers” is to buy the products they produce. 

He gave a list of products, specifying that they had to be Australian-made.

The list included canola oil, biscuits, bread, hummus, cotton and wool garments, lamb, beef and beer. 

”These are the main products produced in the most affected areas - rather than donate… just buy our products and stick to the habit of purchasing Australian clean, green and delicious products,” his post read. 

So if anyone feels they can’t afford to donate to all the different charitable groups, some careful decisions when  grocery shopping can end up being an effective contribution.


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