Windradyne Whisperer | Where does our super money go?

THE Royal Commission into banking has highlighted some disgraceful behaviour and now the superannuation sector has come into the limelight. 

I've been amused for some time by the “we’re here for you” slogan used by industry super funds (where I have super money invested) - at the same time as they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of members’ money on commercial sponsorship for sporting stadiums or sporting teams. 

I appreciate that all super funds, industry or retail, have a need to promote their funds, but this should be set out as part of the management charges, not deducted from earnings before distribution to the members.

I’m over the boardwalk

AS a voter, I expect governments of all ilk to spend taxpayers’ money wisely. After all, it's our money being recycled from one sector to another. 

I'm still scratching my head trying to find the benefit from spending $2 million – a million from Bathurst ratepayers, the balance from the NSW Government - on a boardwalk (that is not a boardwalk) on Mount Panorama. 

Honestly, this proposal is farcical: after $2 million is spent, walkers will still be able to walk on the circuit. 

Surely changing the Roads Act to increase fines for breaking the law and installing two large signs on Conrod and Mountain Straight reinforcing the law is a better use of taxpayers’ money.

I guess that would then free almost $1 million for each party to spend on hospitals or stage two of the Adventure Playground in our council’s case.

Spot the lazy staff

IT’S great to see half of the new parking area opened at Bathurst Health Service. 

Seventy-odd spaces (once complete) won't solve the parking issues, but it will help. 

The next stage to manage parking availability at Bathurst Health Service needs to come from executives from Western Health Service.

They need to actually enforce parking policies within the parking area of the hospital to get rid of lazy, inconsiderate staff who insist on parking at what is virtually the front door of the hospital, taking valuable car spaces from the elderly, disabled patients and their visitors.

Surely it's not hard to enforce this policy. Executives currently manage this issue by avoidance.

Preparing for the boost

HATS off to the Bathurst business that is smart enough to realise that the proposed second circuit on Mount Panorama will bring a significant economic boost to the Bathurst region and, as such, they are including now, in their five-year business plan, a strategy to ensure that their business will be in a great position to fully benefit.

Thumbs up

THE Bathurst 1000 is just over six weeks away, then Christmas will be upon us in a micro second. Where has the year gone?

Thumbs down

BATHURST Health Service not enforcing existing parking policies to stop staff from parking at the “front” door, taking car spaces from visitors.

While you’re here

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