Drunk driver caught out by police in McDonald's drive through

A MAN caught drink driving while going through the McDonald’s drive through has been convicted, fined and placed on an interlock order.

Joel Daniel Blair, 31, of Hebburn Street, Pelaw Main, appeared before magistrate Mijovich in Bathurst Local Court charged with high-range PCA.

Police facts tendered to the court told how police received a call at 12.30am on May 20 in relation to Blair driving intoxicated through the McDonald's drive through on Durham Street.

Police responded and saw Blair stopped at the drive through in a white Mitsubishi utility.

Police approached the accused, who was getting out of the driver’s side door.

Blair was asked to produce his driver’s licence, but refused, according to the police facts.

Asked to state his name and address, he said his name was "Joel".

Asked for his surname, he provided the name “Blair” after some time. Police asked for further details, but he refused.

Police asked Blair to submit to a breath test, which he refused. Police attempted to get Blair to have a breath test on a number of occasions, but Blair put his lips around the mouthpiece and wouldn’t blow into the device, according to the police facts.

Blair was arrested and taken to Bathurst Police Station.

There, police asked for Blair’s details so they could be entered into the custody system, but he refused, giving only his name as Joel Blair, according to the police facts.

The supervisor spoke with Blair and he supplied the supervisor with the correct details and was entered into the custody system.

Blair submitted to a breath analysis, which returned 0.187 - a high-range result.

In relation to his drinking, Blair told police he had consumed five 375ml Great Northern mid-strength beers between 5pm and 11.30pm, according to the police facts.

Blair was convicted of high-range PCA, fined $1000 and placed on a mandatory interlock order for 12 months.

He was also placed on a Section 9 bond for 18 months.