Leadership spill: Bathurst's Bob Triming baffled by second 'bite at the cherry'

Bob Triming.
Bob Triming.

BATHURST resident Bob Triming has said the choice of Scott Morrison as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia was the “best outcome” given the options. 

Morrison won the Liberal party room vote 45-40 on Friday, beating out Peter Dutton and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, who was knocked out in the first round of voting. 

It marks the seventh change of prime minister in a decade.

Mr Triming said Friday’s leadership spill should have never happened. 

“I thought it was wrong to continue it when the first leadership spill was overturned and won by Turnbull, then they go back and have another bite of the cherry,” he said. 

While he would have preferred to see Bishop succeed, stating she was the “best Foreign Affairs Minister we’ve ever had”, Mr Triming felt Morrison was the better choice over Dutton. 

“If Dutton was there and elected Prime Minister he would still have the issue of his validity to be in parliament over his head,” he said. 

The Bathurst resident doesn’t expect Morrison will hold the position for very long, however, anticipating there will be an election called that would inevitably be lost to the Labor Party. 

Mr Triming said that both parties need to “start doing their preselections carefully” ahead of the election and finally give the Australian public some political stability. 

“All this uncertainty, it’s not going to help anyone, especially the poor old farmers,” he said. 

“They’ve got enough on their plates at the moment.”

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