A man who punched his neighbour has received a suspended sentence

A MAN who repeatedly punched his neighbour in the face before hitting him with a pole has received a 12-month suspended jail sentence plus 100 hours community service.

Kiamurra Crawford, 23 – formerly of Ophir Street, Bathurst and now of Laurel Street, Korora - appeared before Magistrate Ryan last week to answer charges of resisting police in the execution of their duty, being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Police facts handed to the court told how the accused and a witness were having a celebration that began in the Bathurst CBD. They returned home in the early hours of the morning and decided to continue the celebrations in the garage, listening to music and playing pool.

At about 6.30am the victim and his wife had a discussion about the need for one of them to speak with the occupants to shut off the loud music. The victim walked up the street while his wife watched from the front yard.

The victim knocked on the door placed his hand out to shake he hand of the accused. He shook hands  and asked Crawford to turn the music down. 

The accused then said: “Are you the copper from down the road?”

The victim replied that he’d hoped Crawford would be “decent enough to just turn the music down”.

Crawford became agitated and started yelling. The victim turned to walk away.

Crawford pushed the victim, causing an injury to his toe.

The victim tried to maintain a distance from the accused but he came at the victim and punched him in the face, making contact with his nose and mouth.

Crawford then landed three more punches on the victim’s face.

The victim became disorientated and sighted the accused coming out of the garage holding a yellow pole and looking like he was about to swing it at the victim.

The victim made sure he was in close to the accused in an attempt to avoid being injured. The accused swung the pole and hit the victim three times, including blows to the rib and face.

A witness called police and when they arrived Crawford initially told everyone at the house not to answer the door. When someone let the police in he hid in a wardrobe.

As police approached, Crawford tried to punch the officer in the face.

Crawford was then tackled into the wardrobe where the accused continued to punch police before being arrested.

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