Windradyne Whisperer | Let the proposed go-kart track go west

LOCATION, LOCATION: Has the right spot been chosen for the city's proposed new go-kart track?
LOCATION, LOCATION: Has the right spot been chosen for the city's proposed new go-kart track?

I’VE said it before: the proposed go-kart track should not be built “over the back” of McPhillamy Park.

Instead, it should form part of the proposed second circuit precinct on the western side of the Mount, just like other major international motorsport facilities around the world, as evidenced in the concept plan released by Apex Circuit Design in July. 

The previously approved DA for a go-kart track is severely restricted.

It’s so restricted that I doubt it’s feasible in that location, especially when you review when the circuit can be used and how often it can be used. 

Surely, to maximise the benefit of such a facility, it should be constructed in an area that will allow maximum use, thus ensuring its sustainability and profitability, with minimal impact on other users of the area. 

Like the second circuit, council has one chance to get it right.

Roundabout resolution?

THE Mitre/Lambert and Suttor Street roundabout saga will hopefully be put to rest this Wednesday. 

I suspect the vote may be close, with Cr Monica Morse and Cr Warren Aubin being consistent objectors, but I think the remaining councillors support the project. 

Mayor Graeme Hanger will be in the hot seat if the vote is tied as he too is a known objector. 

Hopefully commonsense will prevail and approval will be forthcoming.

Fence makes them tense

PLANS to shut out other users - that is, non-AFL or cricket players – from George Park have rightly raised the shackles of nearby residents. 

George Park is a popular passive recreation area for a wide cross-section of Bathurstians, so the plan to fence it off will create another "bushfire" for council to put out.  

I suppose it won't be long before council plans to lock out other areas used for recreation, e.g., Morse Park or Machattie Park.

Thumbs up

THE Mitre/Lambert and Suttor Street roundabout in West Bathurst odds on to be approved this Wednesday. There'll be a war if it’s not!

Thumbs down

PLANS to fence off George Park from other recreational users. What's next - fence off Morse Park or Machattie Park? Leave it open!