Letter | Hospital staff deserve to be defended, Whisperer

SPACE RACE: Hines Constructions' David Hines and project manager Lindsi Frisby during the construction of the new car park at Bathurst Hospital.
SPACE RACE: Hines Constructions' David Hines and project manager Lindsi Frisby during the construction of the new car park at Bathurst Hospital.

WHISPERER, I have no agenda to shut down your column in this newspaper (“My critic needs to admit there’s a parking problem, Windradyne Whisperer, Western Advocate, August 28) - the suggestion smacks of desperation that someone has the temerity to disagree with you.

I have, for the last eight-and-a-half years, gone to the same newsagent and bought this newspaper, even when I didn’t agree with the opinions professed within, to keep up my knowledge and understanding of community events.

On this occasion, however, I would suggest that the Whisperer ups his game.

Labelling the staff at our health service as “lazy” is just unacceptable – our hospital houses some of the best health professionals that our state and, arguably, the country has to offer.

From the auxiliary, allied health professionals and the full complement of nursing and medical staff to the executive, they all do a fantastic job. Regardless of where they park their cars.

During my time as a health councillor on the Bathurst Base Hospital Health Council, I had the opportunity and the privilege to see first-hand the fantastic job that the Bathurst Base Hospital staff, in conjunction with the Western NSW Local Health District executive staff, have done with the minimal resources that the Ministry of Health has supplied them.

The hospital staff are not managing the parking issue by “avoidance”, they are just managing the resources.

Which are limited.

As for the inevitable strawman logic of undermining the correspondent and ignoring the content of the debate put forward, nothing has changed.

One would hope, given the strong personal feelings that the Whisperer may have expressed deriding our hospital staff, that the Whisperer has never had occasion to use our services? The ingratitude of this would be astounding.  

Furthermore, if Bathurst ALP lefties won’t defend our hospital, then I will stand proudly, and will always continue to do so, with my fellow Lithgow ALP lefties, including the former Member for Bathurst Gerard Martin, who got us the current hospital, and defend it and the staff members from external frivolous trivialities.

I just want to put forward again: the calibre of your car park at the Bathurst Hospital does not change the quality of the service provided.

The staff at the Bathurst Base Hospital are already in a tough working environment   and don’t need to be pulled down or told how to use the limited resources available to them.

This is a topic the Windradyne Whisperer’s comments in his weekly column are just too short and unqualified to comment on.

This is going to be just another issue the Whisperer and I will have to agree to disagree on.

Thin skins aside Whisperer, grow up.

Ray Wilson, Bathurst