Windradyne Whisperer | Apex Circuit Design's new track at Bathurst has to be the best

THE ONE: Mayor Graeme Hanger and Member for Bathurst Paul Toole look at the concept design for the new track. Photo: RACHEL CHAMBERLAIN 071918rctrack2

THE ONE: Mayor Graeme Hanger and Member for Bathurst Paul Toole look at the concept design for the new track. Photo: RACHEL CHAMBERLAIN 071918rctrack2

THE successful tenderer for the design of the proposed second circuit on the western side of Mount Panorama (note, not on Mount Panorama), UK-based Apex Circuit Design, is in Bathurst this week.

A team of seven from Apex is starting discussions with Bathurst Regional Council before getting down to the hard part - designing, on a greenfield site, a fast-flowing but technical FIA/FIM category 1 or 2 circuit. 

While Apex Circuit Design can rest on its laurels from designs completed throughout the world, the challenge the Second Circuit Action Group (of which I'm a part) has for Apex is to create the best track the company has ever designed and the best track in the southern hemisphere.

I know, we aren't asking or expecting much! 


Get debate back on track

I SUPPORT the proposal to build a go-kart track in the Bathurst region, but I don't support the location of the proposed go-kart track on Mount Panorama.

That’s because of my concerns about its long-term economic sustainability based on the development application restrictions - in particular, how often it can be used. 

After all, it's ratepayers’ money being invested in the project. 

However, I'm astounded that a group like the Wiradyuri Elders or the Sustainable Bathurst column in the Advocate (“Wrong spot for the new go-kart track”, September 8) are claiming the location is within the public reserve of McPhillamy Park. 

It's not. It's located on land previously owned by the Bayliss family and now owned by council (ratepayers) and a quick perusal of the DA clearly identifies that fact. 

Yes, the proposed location is on the geographic area of Mount Panorama, so in the interests of an accurate discussion, let’s keep to the facts.

A quick history lesson 

CR Warren Aubin has called for the business community to participate more in the race week of the upcoming Bathurst 1000. 

I agree business has a part to play, but as I have written for some years, the CBD is a ghost town for most of race week and council events within Kings Parade have limited attraction to visitors or residents. 

The problem is simple: Bathurst residents avoid the CBD as they retain a memory of decades ago when you could not move in the CBD during race week. 

Those days are gone. CBD businesses desperately need locals to come back as visitors to town were essentially harassed out of the CBD when 500 police descended on Bathurst in 2007 and marched the streets in platoons with sniffer dogs, closing pubs early. 

Even the Riot Squad water cannon was there in a show of shock and awe designed to fix the antisocial behaviour of the past. 

On the Mount, another operation targeted hooligans, fireworks and banned burnouts and limited alcohol to one carton per car occupant. 

This operation was very effective at changing the Bathurst 1000 crowd mentality for the better, but that has come at a cost to the Bathurst business community as visitors simply stay in the ever increasing campsites. 

We told them they were not welcome in 2007, so how do we say they are welcome today so long as they behave?

Maybe I'm asking too much.

Thumbs up

UK-BASED Apex Circuit Design bringing a team of seven to get down to work.

Thumbs down

RESIDENTS and visitors both avoid the CBD during the Bathurst 1000, so what's the secret to getting them back?