Macquarie River, Bathurst: Panorama Football Club players' big clean up | Photos, pictures

IT may have been grubby, mucky work but in just a few hours a group of Panorama Football Club players have cleaned up a section of the Macquarie River.

The huge clean-up was conducted on Saturday with five players pulling on gloves and gumboots to clean the stretch of river between Hereford and Denison bridges.

In just a couple of hours, the group of players pulled around 100 kilograms of rubbish from the river, which was then taken to the tip.

“Most of the rubbish along the banks and by the path was plastic bags and food wrappers,” Panorama Football Club’s Arthur Meek said.

“There were also a lot of dog poop bags, full unfortunately.

“Strangely we also removed an old tent and a fibreglass car bumper bar.”

Mr Meek said the idea for the clean-up came following his recent walk along the river with fellow player Alex Woodhouse, when the duo noticed a lot of rubbish on the bank and by the path.

Strangely we also removed an old tent and a fibreglass car bumper bar.

Arthur Meek

“The river is a beautiful feature of Bathurst and we thought it was being spoilt by litter and plastic debris carried by the river,” Mr Meek said.

“We thought it wouldn’t take too long to clean it right up if you had a team of people. So that’s what we decided to do.

“Five of us cleaned up one side of the bank and under the bridge in just two hours before the heavy rain fell.”

Mr Meek said the group was very pleased with the result of their efforts and plan to return to clean up the opposite bank in the future.