Letter | One support group for people with disabilities in Bathurst does not speak for all

I REFER to your recent article (“Advocate inspired to form disability group”, September 3) regarding a new support group for people with disabilities in Bathurst. 

As a long-time resident of Bathurst with a disability, I feel compelled to express to my community that a support group does not speak for every person with a disability in your community. 

I would be horrified if this group was to get any official status or recognition from Bathurst Regional Council or from any other organisations in Bathurst.

The last thing that people with disabilities need is a group asking for more special attention from the people of Bathurst. 

Instead, we need to focus on how the new systems regarding disability can improve the input of people with a disability so that the entire community benefits. 

Hard-working Australians pay extra tax for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and I for one am grateful for that. 

I believe this support group sends the wrong message to the community and leads us down the wrong direction.

Lindsay Cottee, Gormans Hill