Bathurst Return and Earn is set to go mobile

RECYCLING GOES MOBILE: Bathurst Recycling's Craig Clark, with bulk recycling depot. Photo: BRADLEY JURD

RECYCLING GOES MOBILE: Bathurst Recycling's Craig Clark, with bulk recycling depot. Photo: BRADLEY JURD

Bathurst Recycling already offers residents the opportunities to sort bulk amount items for the state government’s Return and Earn scheme but now the recycling business will go a step further. 

On Monday, Bathurst Return and Earn will start a mobile collection. 

Boxes, containing 24 or 30 items that are part of the Return and Earn scheme, will be collected and participants will be paid 10 cent for each bottle or can. 

The new mobile collection is completely free and will starting serving residents in Orange.

Bathurst Recycling owner Craig Clark said he wants to see all bottles and cans recycled where possible.

“It’s simple. You put the items in a box and we’ll come and collect them,” he said.

“Go online to our website and put your details in, how many boxes or cartons you have and we’ll give you 10 cent, like Return and Earn, for each recyclable item you have.

“This makes it easy, simple and fast to recycle. As long as they tell us how many boxes they have, we’ll come along and collect them and give them the cash.”

Depending on the interest in the scheme, Mr Clark is hoping the mobile collection can serve cities and towns across the entire Central West.

“We’ll start going out to Orange on Monday and depending on the interest, we might make it a daily thing,” he said.

“Hopefully we can go to the small towns like Blayney, Oberon or Millthorpe. That might just be a weekly thing.”

Mr Clark believes there are many items that are not being recycled, so he’s trying to make it easier for items not to go into landfill. 

“There is a need for something like this and it’s just to get more recyclable items out of landfill,” he said.

“People are also welcome to bring their items in, to the Return and Earn at Bathurst Recycling.”

In March this year, an automated bulk recycling depot was introduced at Bathurst Recycling, capable of sorting over 100 items a minute, which in turn makes it easier for businesses to dispose of large quantities of bottles and cans. 

For details on collection, visit the website at

Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and have the original label attached.

Aluminium cans, cardboard poppers, small and large alcohol bottles, small and large plastic bottles and large cardboard drink containers are all refundable.

Plain milk and substitutes, straight spirit bottles, wine bottles, cordial bottles, pure fruit and registered health tonics are not refundable. 

Bathurst Recycling, located at 51 Upfold Street, is open seven days a week, from 7am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact Bathurst Recycling at 6331 2886 for any more information. 

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