Options for all at Cathedral

Grounded in the three key elements of its motto, 'Faith, Values and Excellence', Cathedral Catholic Primary School provides a contemporary, values-based education within a faith-filled community.

During the past two years, the school has invested heavily in transforming the approach to reading in order to support high level, literacy outcomes.

In 2019 Cathedral School has continued an innovative and evidence-based approach to student learning. A strategic approach to teaching of phonics in the early stage classes has been enormously successful with ongoing tracking of student progress and achievement indicating very high levels of learning. This success reflects the strong, scientific evidence that the most effective way to teach basic reading skills to all children is using reading instruction methods that are explicit, systematic, and sequential.

Cathedral School has offered a range of opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of sporting events.

These impressive results are a result of significant effort by teachers operating under a 'Professional Learning Community' framework. Effective, ongoing elements of Cathedral's approach has included analysis of data, professional learning around best practice in reading, SMART goal setting, collaboration and analysis of effective teaching strategies.

Transferring this approach to the teaching of mathematics has also assisted in significant student progress - this will be further extended in 2020. Cathedral School has offered a range of opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of sporting events with many students representing the school at regional and diocesan championships as well as in NSW state competitions.

Creative arts has continued to be a feature of the curriculum and the school is widely acknowledged for its outstanding co-curricular music program which involves more than 120 students.

The program features four different bands from beginners to the stage band, as well as two choirs and a very talented guitar group. Plans are currently underway for a 2020 Music Tour where our outstanding students will performance to a number of schools around the diocese.