Tips to increase your chances of employment

MAKING EMPLOYMENT EASIER: Outstanding Skillset apprentice, Marcus Daffern, and Skillset CEO, Craig Randazzo. Photo: Supplied.

MAKING EMPLOYMENT EASIER: Outstanding Skillset apprentice, Marcus Daffern, and Skillset CEO, Craig Randazzo. Photo: Supplied.

ACCORDING to ABS data. the unemployment rate in NSW sits at 5.6 per cent, however Bathurst's rate is almost half that at just at 3.1 per cent. Yet many businesses say they can't find staff and adversely, many people say they can't find work so where does the problem actually lie?

Employment agencies such as Skillset are coming up with innovative programs to try and help solve the underlying issues. Craig Randazzo, Skillset CEO, said that job seekers often don't know how to "sell" themselves to potential employers. "Candidates sometimes don't understand the skills they've accumulated throughout their working lives and how their experience and skills can transfer into different industries and jobs that are on offer," he said. "We recently launched a free career guidance service named CareerLink Central West after discovering a clear gap for Central West residents to access free face-to-face career advice."

The free career advice support service, Skillset CareerLink Central West, is for residents across Central West NSW, and there are three key services offered in the program. Career Consultation, where 25 to 44 year-old's can sign up for free career development sessions, CareerLink Hub which is a regional careers information hub based in the Flannery Centre in Bathurst, and an online portal called CareerLink Community, where Central West residents can access newsletters, career advice, resources, and invitations to events.

Craig said that while employment agencies can help unemployed people find work, there are a number of things they can do to help improve their chances. "At the end of the day, to secure a job or a career opportunity, an individual needs to be motivated and have the tools to find that job they're looking for. We can certainly help guide motivated jobs seekers with face-to-face support and a range of career tools," he said. "Skillset's CareerLink service is available to unemployed people, but also to those who are exploring their career options in terms of career change, promotion opportunities, upskilling, returning to the workforce, migrants and relocators."

Job seekers should always look at up-skilling and undertaking training wherever possible to increase their chances of landing a job, whether that be in their current industry or if they are looking for a fresh start. Craig said that the NSW Government and Federal Government had made significant investments in a range of free short courses related to skills needs.

"There are plenty of training and up-skilling opportunities available to help people get jobs, people just need to know what would be best suited to their needs," he said. "The Federal Government's extension of the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Subsidy means it's never been a better time for employers to take on an apprentice or trainee and with the NSW Government Fee-Free Apprenticeship Initiative, incentives are available for people completing an apprenticeship."

Craig also shared his top three tips for potential employees looking to boost the chances at securing employment.

  1. Know what you want and set a career goal and steps to achieve it.
  2. Put yourself out there, jobs don't fall in your lap. You need to be motivated, prepared to network and communicate your skills and experience.
  3. Pay attention to detail, always review your application and make sure your cover letter address the requirements of the role.