Sweet new opportunity, The Sour Tart

Stacey Ewin worked for Adriano Zumbo for two years helping to make his now famous macaroons.
Stacey Ewin worked for Adriano Zumbo for two years helping to make his now famous macaroons.

AFTER Adriano Zumbo appeared on MasterChef there were people pouring into his Balmain store to try his fabulous macarons.

For his staff it meant long, busy days. Stacey Ewin – who grew up in Browns Creek, just outside Blayney – was often at work by 5am and didn’t head home until 6pm.

But, despite the long hours, she said working with Zumbo was a fantastic experience.

“It was very busy but it was a lot of fun,” she said.

“I learnt a lot, and gained a lot of new experiences, which was good ... plus you got to work with all the new and upcoming products.”

Ms Ewin worked with Zumbo for two years before moving to a new job with Italian food importers, Lario International, about a month ago.

But after nine years working in Sydney, Ms Ewin is now looking at relocating back to the Central West.

She is in the process of starting a small company, The Sour Tart, selling specialty chocolates.

Those lucky enough to dine at Vale Creek Wines during the Winter Winery Wander have already sampled her range.

“I had 100 boxes with five chocolates in them at the Winter WineryWander,” she said.

“There was passionfruit truffle; hazelnut chew; peanut and raspberry jelly buttercup; malt crunch; and a vanilla. I didn’t want to go too crazy with the flavours.

“I wasn’t there as I had to go back to work ... but Vale Creek sold all 100. I was really shocked.”

For the rest of us, the next chance to tryMs Ewin’s new range of chocolates will be at the Oberon Farmers’ Markets.

“I am hoping to have a small chocolate range at the beginning of every month to go to the Oberon Markets. Liz [McFarland fromVale Creek Wines] is going to sell them for me.”

Ms Ewin is also hoping to sell her chocolates to local cafes and restaurants and eventually to have her own store.