Bond for assault, fined for smashing window

A MAN who smashed a house window, before throwing a jerry can at a car damaging it and then assaulting two women has been convicted and placed on a bond.

Craig Andrew Silcock, 49, formerly of O'Connell Road, now of Booragul, appeared before magistrate Michael Allen in Bathurst Local Court on October 10.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and destroy or damage property.

The court heard the incident occurred at  3.30pm on September 20 at a property at  O'Connell.

Police facts told how the two victims, both female, returned to the property. Silcock was there there and the victims noticed he smelt like alcohol.

There was an argument over money and Silcock left.

Some time later he returned to the address, but found the door was locked, which started another argument between the accused and one of the female victims.

At this stage the female victim was standing in front of the kitchen window, with Silcock standing outside yelling.

He then smashed the kitchen window, before throwing an empty jerry can which hit and broke the rear passenger window of a vehicle which was parked at the property.

Silcock then went inside, where the second victim was sitting down.

He began abusing her, so the first victim stood in between them; as she did Silcock pushed her several times.

Silcock then reached either side of the first victim and pulled the second victim out of the seat she was sitting in; she lost her balance and in attempt to catch herself she scratched Silcock on the side of face before catching herself by grabbing his shirt.

Silcock then used an open hand to strike the second woman to the side of head and face. 

Police were called and Silcock made full admissions to breaking both the kitchen and car’s window as well as pushing victim one and lifting victim two and striking her in the side of the head.

On the assault occasioning actual bodily harm, Mr Allen convicted Silcock and placed him on a Section 9 Bond for 12 months.

He was also ordered to accept community corrections supervision for as long as necessary.

On the common assault matter he was also convicted and placed on a Section 9 bond 12 months.

For the destroy damage property he was convicted and fined $450.