Massive residential subdivision planned for land behind Eglinton Public School

PLANS to established more than 200 new residential lots at Eglinton have been lodged with Bathurst Regional Council.

The proposal from Hynash Pty Ltd would see a 44-hectare lot behind Eglinton Public School redeveloped as a massive new residential subdivision.

The subdivision would be built between Logan Street and Freemantle Road and include 221 new lots and about 10 new roads and cul-de-sacs.

Lot sizes will range from 900 square metres to 2180 square metres, including some with dual occupancy potential.

A Statement of Environmental Effects prepared by Voerman & Ratsep Surveyors says the site has been used for grazing livestock and producing fodder for more than 150 years but has been earmarked in council’s own planning tools for a housing development. It says the plans would provide a “positive social and economic impact” in Eglinton.

“Subdivision of the land will facilitate a range of residential and public recreation opportunities consistent with the objectives of the relevant zones together with lifestyle choices for new and existing resident in the Bathurst region,” the report states.

“An increase in population can lead to improved community facilities and services and additional recreational, tourist and employment opportunities within the LGA.”

The statement acknowledges the increased traffic to be created by the subdivision but says council has already taken steps to ease the pressure on local roads.

“Additional traffic will be generated by this development, particularly in the vicinity of Rankens Bridge at Eglinton and, to some extent, at the intersection of Durham and Stewart streets in Bathurst,” the report states.

Additional traffic will be generated by this development, particularly in the vicinity of Rankens Bridge.

Statement of Environmental Impacts

“The Traffic and Transport Assessment undertaken in 2006 for the Eglinton Village Expansion LES highlighted likely traffic problems due to increased road use from Eglinton into Bathurst.

“The recommendations outlined in the assessment have been incorporated and funded in the BRC s94 plan – Roads Works – New Subdivisions.”

The report goes on to say standard contributions paid to council by the developer would help fund necessary road upgrades.

A 20 metre wide collector road is proposed for each entry into the subdivision from Logan Street and Freemantle Road while local access roads within the subdivision – including cul-de-sacs – will be 17 metres wide.

A letter to Bathurst Regional Council from NSW Education’s planning and demography acting director Simon Massey confirms the department has no interest in acquiring any of the land earmarked for the residential development.

“We are closely monitoring [Eglinton’s] growth and the expected increase in student numbers at Eglinton Public School,” the letter states.

“We anticipate that any future growth in the Eglinton area will be accommodated on the existing Eglinton Public School site.”