OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

A BIG ASK: It will be difficult to find a new tenant for the Masters site at Kelso because of its size.
A BIG ASK: It will be difficult to find a new tenant for the Masters site at Kelso because of its size.

THE sun will set this weekend on yet another waste of taxpayers’ money by two governments of different ilks when the last Sydney 500 is held at Sydney Olympic Park. 

I estimate close to $60 million has been wasted at Homebush on this “set up, pull down” street circuit since the event first took place in 2009.

Sadly, the current NSW Government has not learnt from its mistakes as essentially the funding has been transferred to Newcastle from next year. 

While I admit the beachside location will be more pleasing on the eye to spectators and the television audience, I can’t help but think that these millions could have been much better spent on permanent racing facilities throughout the state benefiting many more motorsport enthusiasts.

Now it’s Toole’s time

I SUSPECT Member for Bathurst Paul Toole will be hoping that the Land and Environment Court hands down its appeals on the last battleground of amalgamations swiftly.

That’s because it appears that shock jock Ray Hadley, still gloating from his victory in removing Troy Grant as deputy premier and playing a major hand in the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party’s 50-vote win in the Orange by-election, has seemingly switched his attention to our local member, the minister responsible for local government, by inflicting a withering spray on air last week. 

It appears mayor Gary Rush has not escaped Hadley’s ire either.

A big space at Kelso

IT IS disappointing that the city of Bathurst will soon lose the Masters mega store at Kelso. All eyes will now be on the next venture to take up occupancy in this outstanding complex.

I hope the complex does not sit empty for too long, but it will be difficult to find a tenant for such a large floor space.

Some have suggested that it would make a great indoor go-kart track or ice-rink, both of which would require deep pockets from the proposer, but I guess a number of tenants will be required over time.

There is even the possibility of a full length mezzanine level doubling the available floor space for rent.

More time for tenders 

I HEAR the whisper that Bathurst Regional Council will have to re-tender the Victoria Park playground extensions, prompting a change in the location of the New Year’s Eve fireworks which were planned to be held at Bicentennial Park this year to allow construction to start in Victoria Park. 

Evidently not too many companies specialise in this type of tender, so maybe there’s an opportunity for Bathurst region contractors to have a second look at the specifications in a bid to win this quote, keeping profits local.

Thumbs up

CHALLENGE Bathurst seemingly being a huge success, especially for participants on the Mount. Local businesses also picked up a few extra dollars from the visitors out and about.

Thumbs down

LACK of competition in major landscaping contracts squeezing prices. Maybe local contractors need to re-look at the specifications?

                                                   - LACHLAN SULLIVAN