Bathurst mother and daughter are crowned as Australian boxing champions

BATHURST’S Anna Evans and Kate Fallon made history in Cairns on the weekend as they became the first mother-daughter combination in Australian Amateur Boxing League history to be crowned national champions at the same time.

DOUBLE VISION: Anna Evans and her daughter Kate Fallon have both been crowned as national champions. Photo: SNAKEBITE BOXING

DOUBLE VISION: Anna Evans and her daughter Kate Fallon have both been crowned as national champions. Photo: SNAKEBITE BOXING

Fighting at Edmonton PCYC, 12-year-old Fallon won the sub-junior girls 45-49 kilograms Australian title in what was her boxing debut.

Her mother was just as impressive, Evans claiming dual national titles after winning both the cruiser weight and heavy weight finals.

And to add another special touch to the family moment, both were trained by Jamie Fallon – Kate’s father – of Snakebite Boxing.

“Its absolutely crazy,” Jamie Fallon said.

“Kate, it was her first time really fighting and she made the finals and won and she’s only 12-years-old.

“Anna, on the first night she stepped up out of her normal division to fight and won the heavy weight title by knockout. That’s about 10 kilograms heavier than she normally fights.

“It meant they made history as the first mother and daughter to win national titles in ABL [Australian Boxing League] history.

“Anna then broke history again by winning dual Australian women’s titles – that is really hard to do even for a male. 

“She won the cruiser weight as well, so she had two fights in two days.”

The efforts of the pair were not the only good story for Bathurst boxing, with Ash Ipofo winning a silver medal in the light heavy weight division.

Fallon said it had plenty of people talking about Snakebite Boxing and the Dreamtime Sports Academy where they train.

“To come back to Bathurst with four medals, that’s fantastic,” he said.

“I am pretty excited, I didn’t think we’d come home with three Australian titles either.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all, we were just trying to go up there and get a match because sometimes the other women don’t show up.

“They not only got fights, but they won. It’s great, but they worked really hard for it as well.”

Evans faced her biggest test – literally – on the first night. While weighing in at 84kg, she stepped up to the heavy weight division and contested the final against a 95kg opponent.

After winning that, Evans backed up to win the cruiser weight crown at 81kg the following evening. Her record now stands at five wins from six fights.

Like her mother, Kate Fallon was representing both Bathurst and New South Wales in Cairns.

Though she had trained hard in the build up, her father was still nervous for her.

“Kate had been getting up at 4.30 in the morning and training with me down by the river, she had been working really, really hard,” he said.

“I was really nervous for her. I fought professionally around the world and I never had those feelings, I was always confident … but I was worried for her.”

He need not have worried as she won the final easily against a fellow NSW fighter.

“She really excelled, she got a unanimous decision, she won every round,” he said. 

“She didn’t stop, she worked around the ring really well and had really good foot work.”