Group 10 clubs say no to Dubbo CYMS switch plans

Dubbo CYMS chairman Kevin Walkom has confirmed his board will meet in the coming days before applying to play in Group 11 in 2017.

The saga over CYMS’ proposed switch to Group 10 came to an end on Wednesday night, when that competition’s nine teams voted against the Dubbo club joining their ranks.

The final vote was 6-3, leaving the Fishies with no choice but to reapply for Group 11 next season and hope for change in 2018.

“It was always a 50-50 and in the end it was pretty close to 50-50 when you look at it,” Walkom said.

“But we were always prepared either way and while it is disappointing, life goes on and the club goes on.

“It was purely a proposal out forward to open up a discussion and like any good debate there was both for and against.

“We felt we put up a very good argument but at all times we knew, ultimately, it was Group 10’s decision.”

There were a number of reason’s behind Group 10 clubs denying the move.

Orange CYMS, Mudgee Dragons and Lithgow Workies were all for it but financial issues, travel requirements, the hurried nature of the whole matter and the effect it would have on Group 11 were all points offered by the other six clubs.

For Walkom, the most disappointing aspect of the voting process was by Thursday morning he still had no official statement from Group 10 or chairman Linore Zamparini on the matter, just a text message sent through on Wednesday evening following the meeting.

“Firstly we need to receive some sort of official notification from Group 10,” he said in relation to his club’s next move.

“Once we’ve received that we will probably set up a meeting and a debrief and then we will set up a meeting with the Group 11 board.”

While disappointed in the final result after more than a month of campaigning for a switch, Walkom said he was proud his club had kick-started some conversation in relation to competition structure.

The debate around the CYMS saga resulted in Country Rugby League chief executive Terry Quinn announcing his board will conduct a review into the competitions in the Western Rams region, namely the format of Group 11 and Group 10.

“One thing out of all this is obviously got the discussion on the agenda and the CRL has identified it needs a review of the competitions,” Walkom said.

Walkom added he had no doubts his players and board members would be mentally prepared to take part in Group 11 in 2017, saying “we’ll move on and keep the club going”.

IT'S A NO: Colby Pellow and his Dubbo CYMS teammates look set to feature in Group 11 in 2017.

IT'S A NO: Colby Pellow and his Dubbo CYMS teammates look set to feature in Group 11 in 2017.