School zones the target of police

OFFICERS from Chifley’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Unit issued 23 tickets on Wednesday, as part of a state wide compliance operation aimed at cutting the mounting road toll, which stands at 356.

The operation aimed to change the way of thinking on and around our roads, with highway patrol officers targeting traffic offences around school zones, people using mobile phones while driving, not keeping to the left and inspecting cars for defects.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the State’s Traffic and Highway Patrol said the operation was aimed at changing driving culture and keeping everyone safe; a priority for highway patrol given the road toll has already surpassed last year’s total with a month still to go.

“We need to change the way of thinking on our roads, and especially around schools.

“The culture around school zones and the use of mobile phones behind the wheel has to change.”

On Wednesday, Chifley’s Highway patrol officers issued 23 tickets in total; seven in school zones, seven drivers using mobile phones, seven drivers not keeping to the left and two tickets relating to vehicle defects.

Chifley’s not keeping to the left infringements represented more than 50 per cent of the entire Western Region.

Macquarie Cluster Senior Supervisor, Western Region Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Senior Sergeant Ben Macfarlane said earlier in the week the offence was becoming an increasing problem, possibly related to mobile phone use while people are driving.