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FIGURES AND SENSE: News that public school teachers will walk off the job over pay negotiations caused plenty of debate.
FIGURES AND SENSE: News that public school teachers will walk off the job over pay negotiations caused plenty of debate.

Viewing recommendation from a very proud pop

LAST Saturday evening I found myself among some 15,000 people at an Olympic Park venue to be blown away by the presentation of the 2016 Schools Spectacular.

Choir presentation, music bands, dance, soloists, trios, marching band, jazz band, drama - what a night, what a sight.

Sure, I am a proud pop looking for the performance of a talented granddaughter from the Eglinton Primary School.

However, I was caught up with the strong aspirational theme of the youthful presentation.

In writing this short letter I want to encourage everyone to tune in to Channel Seven's presentation on Saturday at 7pm.

As someone who has long been involved with teaching SRE (Scripture) in our schools, I was greatly encouraged by our public schools presentation.

Bob Smith, Eglinton

Truth will come out – and if in the courts, so be it

RE: "War on airwaves" (Western Advocate, Tuesday, November 29).

Bathurst mayor Gary Rush claims: “Some who oppose [forced amalgamation of Oberon with Bathurst] now base their opposition on vexatious claims and quite clearly are targeting people and personalities who have no role in determining the outcome of the proposed merger."

Cr Rush is so very wrong in his statement. 

The debacle that is now happening has been caused by only one person. 

This matter involves a troll coming on to my Facebook page and making accusations. It has nothing at all to do with forced amalgamations, other than the troll chose the Anti Amalgamation page to make their derogatory comments.

The real truth will come out and if that means through the court system, then so be it. I am more than happy to oblige.

I know that I have truth on my side.

I will fight on with this matter because it is important that the people of Bathurst and Oberon know the truth.

Marjorie Armstrong, Oberon

From Facebook: public school teachers’ strike

Of course they should get more money. They have to do their job as well as teach them things that parents should be teaching – eg, respect, manners, etc. 

Jake King

I don't think they are worth more coin for the hours put in. And the excuse some people use of it’s your child's future, well it is a teacher’s job to teach. They can have their dispute in the holiday period.

Adam Roods

I believe all professionals that are offering a service to the public should have their wages increased, but in saying that, there are people working in factories and supermarkets who are still on the lowest wages or the wages they started on. So much for if you work hard you get rewarded. Depends where you start on the ladder.

Gina Nyitrai

I don't know about more money, but they would be able to do less hours if they did not have to teach the things parents should be teaching their children.

Judy Thring

I know the teachers I work with are worth every cent they're paid and lots more. They put in so many more hours than what it appears.

Angie J Cranston

An average of $50,000 a year with 12 weeks holidays each year plus four weeks annual leave. I guess some things just aren't enough. I'm sure me and my three kids could live off that without any trouble since we have managed on a little over half of that amount.

Fran Dries