Man caught driving after having a couple of cones convicted, fined and put off the road

A MAN caught driving after smoking “a couple of cones” has been disqualified from driving and fined.

Agesilaos Cocorelis, 54, of College Road, South Bathurst appeared before magistrate Michael Allen on March 6 charged with two separate counts of driving with an illicit drug in his blood.

The first offence occurred on August 24.

Cocorelis was fined $450 and disqualified from driving for six months after being caught driving with methamphetamine and delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol in his system.

On this occasion Cocorelis was stopped for a random breath and drug test, his to alcohol was negative but the oral fluid test produced a positive detection to methamphetamines.

He was arrested taken to Bathurst police station where he said: “I had a couple of cones last night but I don’t know how that other stuff got there.”

The second offence occurred on September 10 when Cocorelis was caught driving a motor vehicle in William Street with methamphetamine and delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol in his system.

Police stopped his car in William Street for a random drug and alcohol test. The breath test was negative but the oral fluid test produced a positive reaction to methamphetamine.

He was arrested and taken to Bathurst police station for the purpose of a secondary oral fluid test, and told officers: “I smoke cannabis and I’m on the methadone program.”

Cocorelis was convicted and fined $550 and disqualified from driving for six months.