OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

CONGRATULATIONS to the organisers of the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour for creating history (albeit it was a very fluky record, as 64 cars safely passed the start line but only 63 made it to record their first lap). 

BIG FIELD: The promoters of the Bathurst 6 Hour need to tread carefully so as not to discourage support for the event.

BIG FIELD: The promoters of the Bathurst 6 Hour need to tread carefully so as not to discourage support for the event.

I must say, though, that event director James O’Brien could have used better wording when he stated the obvious: that the organisers were not looking to increase numbers, but the quality of the field.

I’m sure that sent a shiver down the spine of at least 30 teams on the grid. 

This really is a case of deja vu from the Bathurst 12 Hour, when the production cars were given the boot in favour of GT3 and GT4 cars - which, honestly, created a great international GT event. 

While that was the right thing to do, now the challenge is to improve the entries of the Bathurst 6 Hour when production car racing, while popular with the mostly amateur motoring enthusiast, is not well-supported by the manufacturers.

I think the promoters need to tread carefully so as not to discourage support for this event, as I’m sure time will create improved entries.

More and more accomplished teams will enter the event, which in itself will increase the prestige of winning such an event, just like the Bathurst 12 Hour has done before it.

All those signatures say the same thing, Cr Aubin

I’M still scratching my head about comments made by Cr Warren Aubin not supporting a roundabout at the intersection of Mitre, Suttor and Lambert streets, despite three separate council engineering reports over an 18-year period recommending a roundabout as the best option. 

So where does this train of thought from Cr Aubin come from? 

Clearly, Cr Aubin has not read the sentiment of the West Bathurst community very well.

The more than 3000 signatures collected on a petition calling for a roundabout to be installed at the intersection to improve safety indicates he will certainly be at odds with the voters this September.

A good result for a bunch of relatives and mates

CONGRATULATIONS to the quiet achievers of the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour, the locally entered BAR Constructions Car 27 Subaru WRX piloted by Brett McFarland and Nik Hough, which finished 16th after having qualified 27th. 

This small, dedicated team is reflective of the whole category. Like in the old days of the Bathurst 1000, their support team was made up of relatives and mates - all amateurs. 

Likewise, Kyle and Blake Aubin had a good day out in the John Davis Renault, though they finished further down the placings, as did former Parkes locals the O’Donnells in the Spinifex Recruiting BMW.

Thumbs Up

MOUNT Panorama looking a picture on the live stream of the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour.

It was a great sight with 64 cars heading up the Mountain.

Thumbs down

BATHURST ratepayers still paying out $8000 per month to lock in a few hundred roos! 

Enough is enough. Why has the relocation stopped?

                                                    - LACHLAN SULLIVAN