Creditors to meet in Dubbo after Spectrum Window Fashions goes into liquidation

DOORS SHUT: The former premises of Spectrum Window Fashions on Havannah Street.
DOORS SHUT: The former premises of Spectrum Window Fashions on Havannah Street.

A BUSINESS owned by former Bathurst mayor Gary Rush has gone into voluntary liquidation owing money to the Australian Tax Office and some suppliers.

Chris Chamberlain of Chamberlain’s SBR has been appointed liquidator for Spectrum Window Fashions Pty Ltd after a general meeting of the company members on June 8 resolved to have the business wound up.

 Mr Chamberlain said while his investigation was in its early stages, he had not found any evidence so far that there was any money owing to Spectrum customers or employees.

“There’s one dispute in relation to product that’s been produced and whether it’s a satisfactory quality but outside of that I don’t know of any customers that may have paid deposits and not received goods,” he said.

“My job as the creditors’ representative is to investigate what went on with respect to the company’s trading and why it’s in the predicament it’s in.”

Mr Chamberlain said the Tax Office was the major creditor owed money with some owed to suppliers, “but not a great deal”.

“It’s still early days and I haven’t yet got to the bottom of it all,” he said.

“The company, on the face of it, is insolvent and where it goes from here will be a matter of what I find in my investigation.”

Mr Chamberlain has called a meeting of creditors to be held in Dubbo later this month.

He said known creditors had been advised of the meeting but others could also come forward.

“We have sent a report to the creditors disclosed by the director but we also advertise in case there are any others out there that we’re unaware of,” he said.

“Often people will find out by word of mouth but if people are owed money they will usually track us down.”

The meeting will be at 1st Floor, 47-59 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo from 9.30am on Monday, June 26.