Our say | Have a spring clean in the middle of winter

NO-ONE has ever doubted the generosity of the people of Bathurst.

There is a strong sense of community in this city that always rises to the surface when times are toughest.

This is a community that’s always ready to dig in to lend a hand, or put their hands in their pocket to support a worthy cause.

And now there are calls for more help, something we know the people of Bathurst will do their very best to help out.

It is not money needed right now, it is warm winter clothing and blankets.

Being cold in a Bathurst winter is not fun for anyone.

People that can afford it have suitable heating in their homes and plenty of warm clothing when they are out and about.

But, many people rely on our charity stores to buy warm garments and blankets.

Calls for donations are regularly made by charities, particularly at this time of year when winter garments are in short supply.

A number of local charities are already desperate this year with supplies dwindling amid unprecedented demand.

The devastating fire that destroyed the Bathurst Community Op Shop three weeks ago has left a big hole in local support services and also took with it a lot of clothes and blankets that would otherwise have gone to the needy.

The op shop is back up and running now in a limited capacity but it won’t be able to do all it has done in previous years, pouring more pressure on other charities around town.

The St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army and Hope Bathurst are all asking the generous people of Bathurst to open their cupboards and have a spring clean a few months early.

Is there a coat you haven’t worn for a couple of years, a woolly jumper spending more time in your drawers than wrapped around you or track pants or a hoodie that don’t get the regular outing they once did?

Think of the space you will be gaining in your cupboards.

Think of the warm feeling you will achieve by giving and the warm feeling you will give someone less fortunate who would otherwise being facing a lot of cold, chilly feelings.

You can donate at any of the charities’ stores in town.

They will appreciate your donation, but the city’s needy will appreciate it even more.

Because nobody deserves to be cold in Bathurst this winter.