Parade takes a lighter look at life in Bathurst

ALL ABOARD : People enjoying the Bathurst Miniture Railway Society's monthly open day, on Sunday.
ALL ABOARD : People enjoying the Bathurst Miniture Railway Society's monthly open day, on Sunday.

FRIENDS of Parade got their first drone, and had a ball learning the ins and outs of using it, at least for the first hour.

All was good until the drone landed on the roof of the house, and as Murphy’s Law would have it, it of course landed on the highest part possible.

But not to be discouraged, the Dad dragged out the ladder, put on the safety harness and after crawling up the rood recovered the drone.

After that the decision was made to use the drone in a more open space, so the family went for a drive to a local oval, which they thought would be perfect.

And it was until the drone got stuck in a very leafy branch, many, many metres up in the air.

So far up there was no way possible anyone could climb to retrieve the drone, and the best the owners can now hope for is a strong gust of wind, to blow it out of the tree.

That was two weeks ago, and the drone remains firmly planted in the leaves, so the family are now looking towards Spring, in the hope if the drone’s electrics survive the winter elements, it will come back to ground level along with the leaves.

Here’s hoping.

When bangles become annoying

A FRIEND of Parade loves her jewellery, but apparently her colleagues aren’t as keen on her bling.

With plenty of jewellery to chose from the friend decided on a solid rose gold golf bangle last week, and thought nothing more of it until later in the day when a colleague started complaining about it.

Apparently, the bangle had been banging on her keyboard  as she was typing away, and by the end of lunch people had had enough.

When one person complained, she didn’t think too much of it, but when a second person spoke up and said the bangle “had been annoying her for years” she slipped it off and decided to put it away for special occasions.

Region’s snow fall held off

Parade like everyone else had high hopes for snow falls in the region but it wasn’t to be. Still Spring is a long way off, so fingers crossed.