OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

THE grandstanding by major supermarkets last week as they announced they will ban dispensing plastic grocery bags was very amusing, especially when a huge percentage of products they sell are packaged in some form of plastic.

CRASH SCENE: What's the solution to avoid the problems at the Bradwardine Road and Suttor Street roundabout?

CRASH SCENE: What's the solution to avoid the problems at the Bradwardine Road and Suttor Street roundabout?

Yes, plastic bags are an issue for the environment, as is any other packaging that is not recycled or discarded appropriately. 

However, unless the NSW Government bans plastic bags totally, they will continue to exist. 

On the negative, Australia can look forward to a significant increase in dog droppings on footpaths as responsible owners will no longer have access to a good supply of plastic bags to clean up dog poo. 

Or is there an environmentally friendly doggy doo bag available now that will not dissolve in dog owners’ fingers? 

Perish the thought!

Speed up the changes

MAYOR Graeme Hanger’s rather flippant advice to motorists in Saturday’s Weekend Advocate to simply slow down at the Bradwardine Road and Suttor Street roundabout highlights two things. 

First, Cr Hanger has, within months, been transformed by the mayoral chains to think he can make warm, fuzzy statements without substance to avoid an issue.

Second, Bathurst Regional Council’s engineering staff are not taking safety issues seriously regarding the design of this roundabout. 

Without doubt, this roundabout has the highest accident rate of any roundabout in Bathurst. Why? 

I appreciate council did complete a review 18 months or so ago and made a few minor changes, but the accidents continue to happen. Why? 

May I suggest another review, especially into the extended “line of sight” parameters and how this can be addressed, and the speed zones entering the roundabout.

While this is happening, Chifley Highway Patrol should conduct a speed compliance blitz on a regular basis to take the sting out of speeding drivers.

That, Cr Hanger, is the answer you should have given. 

Management by avoidance is not leadership.

Who’ll fill the chamber?

WITH the exception of the Greens’ already announced local government ticket (which received a muted response), mystery remains as to who will be the 30-odd potential councillors who will put up their hands for election on September 9.

Word is that each currently elected councillor renominating will have a five-person ticket. Plus there a few others who have been making noises about running. 

It will be interesting to see the election strategies each candidate employs to get their message out to an otherwise disconnected electorate. 

My advice to all candidates is to keep the issues local.

Thumbs up

THE Bathurst Winter Festival. Now is the time to brainstorm how it could be better in 2018. Maybe some international curry vendors.

Thumbs down

MAYOR Graeme Hanger’s advice to Bradwardine Road users to slow down. They won’t, so what’s the solution?

                                                  - LACHLAN SULLIVAN