OPINION: Letters to the editor of the Western Advocate

POWER SHOCKS: The rising cost of electricity and Bathurst's future energy needs were topics at a recent Bathurst Regional Council meeting.
POWER SHOCKS: The rising cost of electricity and Bathurst's future energy needs were topics at a recent Bathurst Regional Council meeting.

Shining a light on city’s many solar opportunities

I WOULD like to respond to both the letter to the editor (“Want a local policy? Then take your pick of these”) and story (“Past inspires energy plans”) in the Western Advocate on August 12.

One of the unfortunate outcomes of our modern political environment is for an idea to be criticised not because of the quality of the idea, but because it was thought of by “the other side”.

So with that in mind, the views as to the possibilities for Bathurst with respect to local power generation and storage, so long as it is financially viable, have considerable merit.

Solar would seem to present opportunity and it has been my view for a long time that every roof should be a solar roof wherever appropriate.

There is perhaps a possibility to expand council’s current solar efforts to utilise other roof space with excess power being stored locally (rather than lost to the grid for a fraction of what it will then be sold for to others).

It would not only be green and clean, but would save dollars as well (and would possibly even be cost neutral in the long term). It is something that needs to be properly explored.

But there are three words missing from these views: consultation, representation and a balance for heritage.

Being a councillor is not just about promoting your own ideas, but consulting with the community and then representing their view for the common good, and the wider community do have some excellent views and ideas.

Stuart Driver, candidate, Bathurst

But are you in for the long haul if you get on council?

JESS Jennings,

In response to your letter to the Windradyne Whisperer (“Want a local policy? Then take your pick of these”) dated August 12.

Promises, promises. My question to you is if you get elected, will you waste Bathurst taxpayers’ money again and step down if there is an election so you can run for the Labor Party? 

The Bathurst Regional Council elections should not be a political arena.

Do you seriously support the people of Bathurst or your own personal agenda? Why don't you move to Canberra!

J Clulow, Bathurst

Let’s take back the city from the feral trolleys

HAVE you noticed the number of shopping trolleys wandering the streets of Bathurst and breeding around Bathurst and Kelso in the past six months?

I have rung and spoken to some of these stores and still nothing is done.

Some councils are charging $200 to the stores to get trolleys back. Perhaps Bathurst Regional Council should do the same thing.

Of course it's not all the stores’ fault, it is also the fault of lazy residents.

Ken Shaw

You won’t get my vote if you’ve kept me guessing 

AN open letter to all candidates in the upcoming council elections.

I live out of town and so it is unlikely that I will be able to get to hear any of the forums and hence your aspirations for the region.

Hence I am going through the painstaking process of reading the candidate information sheets you have provided to the electoral commission.

This may be the only information I will have about you before casting my vote, which will be below the line.

To all those who were too arrogant or lazy to include anything in the last section, you will not be getting my vote.

I know this section was optional, but if this form is all most of the electorate have to go on, then you deserve nothing, the same as the information you have given us.

Jan Cody, Sofala