Daffodil Cancer Cottage Wig Library's helping hand | Video, pictures, photos

IT may have been a whole lot of fun raising the money, but this donation will go to help women in some of their darkest times.

The Daffodil Cancer Cottage Wig Library has been quietly going about helping women experiencing hair loss for the past three years.

But a fundraiser organised by Harold Colley, Ian Hooper and Jeremy Kensit, where they and four others had their heads shaved by sheep shears, has raised $8500 for the wig library.

Located at Bathurst Hospital, the library is stocked with 250 wigs to help women undergoing treatment for cancer, alopecia or stress-related hair loss.

Wig library volunteers Mandy Wilding and Heather Larnach said the donation will help them replenish the wig library’s stocks.

“When we are told that we may lose it, it becomes a frightening thought or experience,” Ms Larnach said.

“Many people find that a well-fitted wig gives them more self-confidence during cancer treatment.”