LETTER: A solar farm is not a mill or a noisy, busy factory

THE case against the Brewongle solar farm being advocated by Brad Green and the Brewongle Residents Group is becoming more bizarre (Letters, October 4).

I too would have objected to a mill/factory in the area in the 1970s.

But a solar farm is passive and will not provide pollution or noise. There will be no need for a constant stream of traffic to cart the electricity away.

The electricity wires are already in place. A mill/factory would mean transporting large volumes of timber by large vehicles to be processed and the associated noise levels.

Residents of other areas in Australia where there are solar or wind farms have realised the attraction of renewable energy sources.

Tourists come to these areas to witness solar farms and wind turbines. Ultimately this brings business to the area. This is happening in South Australia and Western Australia where nearby residents are proud of the renewable energy production.

​I am still to be convinced land values will fall dramatically. Farm production can continue successfully without any interference from energy-producing solar panels.

Robyn Lewis, Raglan