Tuned In | Marg Hargans to celebrate 40 years on-air

2MCE STALWART: Presenter Marg Hargans who will record 40 years on-air next year.
2MCE STALWART: Presenter Marg Hargans who will record 40 years on-air next year.

THIS weekend, community radio presenters from across the country will gather on the Gold Coast for the annual Community Broadcasting Association conference.

Some of the themes to be discussed at the conference include collaboration, innovation and creativity.

At 2MCE we collaborate with local businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations to widen the scope of community representation in our broadcasting service.

We collaborate with Charles Sturt University staff and students to facilitate exciting learning opportunities. We collaborate with you as a member of our community - as listener, presenter and supporter.

At 2MCE we approach innovation through our programming to offer a service that is interesting, informative and entertaining.

Each and every day 2MCE presenters creatively put together a range of radio programs for our listening audience.  These are just some of the ways we are collaborative, innovative and creative.

Cheers, Marg

ONE of 2MCE’s longest serving presenters is Marg Hargans who will record 40 years on-air next year after starting with the station in 1978.

Family and music are important to Marg and she enjoys a close relationship with her three adult children. 

Marg’s love for music is demonstrated in her huge collection of almost 4000 records as she prefers the warmer sound from vinyl.

Marg firmly believes that music brings us together and she collects music from wherever she visits. From recent visits to Russia, Iran and Jordan, Marg has added to her collection with music she bought home from each of these countries.

Marg’s favourite day is spent wondering the paddocks to visit the cows with her faithful dogs as company.

You can hear Marg on Tuesdays from 9-11am playing a variety of her favourites including jazz, comedy and classics and she’d love to hear from you.  You can phone the studio on 6331 0092.

Retro Top 40

THIS week’s “Retro Top 40” program is all about physical exertion. All the songs will be about walking, running, jumping.

Tim Williams is your host for the program and he might have even tracked down some songs about jogging, skipping or hopping.  Tune in this Saturday, 4pm-6pm.

Greg Fahey invites you to join him in the “Laundromat” on Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm for a mix of rock, jazz and blues spanning the 1960s through to the 1980s.

You’ll hear a good dose of Australian acts and might even catch some comedy in the mix to keep you entertained for your Wednesday night.