Parade: Mayor to officially open Kelso community garden

GREAT news for people who have been watching the development of the community garden out in Kelso.

The day has finally come to officially open the Hereford Street Community Garden, and on Saturday, November 11, from 11.30am, mayor Graeme Hanger will be at the garden to cut the tape.

The community is welcome to attend and join in a free sausage sizzle and check out all the hard work done by Hope Care and its volunteers. 

What a great initiative by Hope Care. Well done to everyone involved.

Driver caught    in the hot seat

THE warmer weather is certainly here, and for that Parade is thankful because she loves nothing more than Australia’s hot summers.

But as the owner of a car with black leather seats, she certainly has to be careful.

She jumped in her car at lunch time on Friday and almost suffered third degree burns on the backs of her legs, because the morning’s sun had come through he car’s window and made the black leather super hot.

She plans on either parking under a tree in the shade from now on, or going to the closest automotive shop and getting a windscreen shield ASAP – before the temperature really starts to climb and she really has something to complain about.

No benefit to overpaying 

FRIENDS of Parade were overcharged on their most recent electricity bill, with the utility provider making an estimate as they couldn’t find the meter [even though it’s been in the same place for the past 50 years].

Nonetheless, the extra $500 they paid on the last bill was carried forward to the next bill. The friend raised an interesting question: If they hadn’t paid their bill in time, they would have been charged a late fee, but there was no reward from them effectively paying double their electricity bill [which, for the record, was guesstimated by the company].

As he said he gets an 8.5 per cent return on his super, but nothing on the extra $500 he paid that was just sitting there until he got his next electricity bill!

Clearly, he’s not happy.