Whisperer | Local tomato growers who want the pick of the crop

IT'S ON AGAIN: Bathurst's home gardeners are busy planting their tomato seeds so they can boast the biggest and best produce come Christmas.
IT'S ON AGAIN: Bathurst's home gardeners are busy planting their tomato seeds so they can boast the biggest and best produce come Christmas.

BATHURSTIANS’ preoccupation with growing tomatoes continues.

Readers would have felt and heard the swishing sound immediately after last Tuesday's Melbourne Cup as hundreds of avid tomato growers raced outside to plant out their seedlings.

They would have been adhering to the long held theory in Bathurst that you should never plant out you tomato seedlings before Cup day.

But I wonder if a late frost catches out the unwary gardener who forgets to cover up when the inevitable November cold snap occurs?

Now we can wait for the first picture of fruit just prior to Christmas Day.

For mine, I know they don't taste as good but $3.99/kg at the supermarket is hard to beat.

Who should we really blame for logo debacle?

SO where to now for the Bathurst logo?

If the recent mayoral vote is any indication, the notice of motion by councillors Bobby Bourke and Jess Jennings to ask for more options for the logo and brand should have the numbers when it goes before council on Wednesday night.

I’m not sure more logo and tagline choices will ultimately solve the issue but it’s a good compromise.

As I stated at the information forum, I don’t understand how this policy was dumped on councillors without consultation when the NSW Government Local Government Act clearly states that the role of a councillor is to “set and review policy”.

Likewise, how is it that the Tourism Reference Group – which is essentially being blamed for this proposal – was not consulted prior to release either.

Some bureaucrat is forgetting they are the “servant not the master”.

Jess may be on the level, but it’s the wrong one

IT hasn't taken long for Cr Jennings to lose focus on which level of government he was elected to, calling for council to place climate change information on the council website.

While I appreciate we all have our role to play in minimising our environmental footprint, the Westpoint Newspoll suggests strongly that Cr Jennings should put all his energy into the most pressing local government issues.

Roads maintenance and reconstruction are two that come to mind.

We need something to tell the visitors where to go

RIVERVIEW residents near the new Ophir Road, which runs off Eglinton Road near Rankens Bridg,e want better signage to indicate Eglinton is over the bridge.

I’m told motorists who don't have a map app or SatNav giving them directions invariably end up doing a U-turn, having missed the turn onto the bridge.

I’m sure this job will be easily done.

Thumbs up

THE Mega Fuels Ford Coupe 40th anniversary celebration in Bathurst over the weekend. What a great display of passionate supporters and their cars.

Thumbs down

COUNCILLOR Jess Jennings wasting his time on pushing federal government issues like climate change. Fix the potholes, councillor, before you stray into other arenas I’d suggest.

                                                      - LACHLAN SULLIVAN