Letter: I would be happy to have big solar as a neighbour

YOUR two letter writers on November 8 had plenty of negative comments on the proposed solar farm at Brewongle with barely any reference to the positive outcomes. 

I suspect that most opposition to this project by the good Burghers of Brewongle is misplaced. They are still in battle mode after successfully resisting moves in the past to establish a pulp mill and sawmill.

A solar farm is an entirely different issue and I humbly suggest they reconsider their outrage. There is no odour, noise, raised dust or permanent toxic or aesthetic blight from a solar farm.

The establishment involves no major earthworks, tree felling or platoons of concrete trucks. A solar farm is possibly the most advanced form of agriculture we have yet devised.

Big solar is in its infancy in Australia but has phenomenal benefits for us all. Who can believe that a 500 acre paddock, possibly the most over-utilised and flogged agricultural land in Australia, can produce enough electricity to power 40,000 homes? 

We need thousands of solar farms dotted around the Australian landscape. Everyone benefits and I would be delighted if the rural land next door to where we live hosted large scale solar.

Jim Lavis, Raglan