SES Bathurst's cadet training for Denison College | Video, photos, pictures

THE chance to get hands-on with training during a State Emergency Service (SES) cadetship was too good to refuse for these Denison College students.

The week-long training involved 24 students and a variety of different scenarios.

Bathurst SES volunteers were on hand to guide cadets through a range activities.

SES Bathurst's cadet training for Denison College

WRECKED cars, rescues and emergency situations, it has been an intensive week for these State Emergency Service (SES) cadets from Denison College.

A position as an SES cadet is so highly-sought after that just 24 of the 85 applicants across the college were accepted.

The college has been taking part in the SES cadetships for the past four years and Kelso High teacher Paul Purser said the program has been a benefit for the students.