Our say | Sales figures reveal some real home truths

THE Bathurst region is not going to crack the magical 1000 home sales for 2017, but it has still been another strong year for the real estate market.

And that can only be another healthy sign for the continuing growth of the Bathurst region.

By mid-December, 858 homes had been sold in Bathurst for the year – up around 10 per cent on the same time last year.

It seems 2017 has been a year of monthly peaks and troughs but, overall, it has continued an upward trend in the local market in recent years.

And that trend shows that strong sales figures are no aberration – rather, they are a sign of real confidence in the region by both residents and investors.

The fact that this year’s record sales comes after several years of Bathurst ranking among the fastest growing areas in regional NSW only makes it more impressive.

Of course, it’s not been all good news for the economy.

Manufacturing jobs, in particular, have suffered badly in recent years has major local employers have either shut down or wound down their operations.

Again, though, we have reason to be grateful for Bathurst's diversified local economy that means a slowdown in one sector of the market does not cripple the entire area.

While manufacturing has had a rough few years, other sectors including retail, education, construction and even agriculture have been doing quite well.

And the fact Bathurst has never relied heavily on money rolling in from the mining boom means we have not suffered as other towns have as that mining boom inevitably peters out.

Real estate is certainly another sector of the market that continues to punch above its weight is the latest figures confirm.

And with hundreds of new houses on the drawing board around Eglinton and Trinity Heights, local agents can expect a few more busy years yet.

Bathurst is doing better than most regional cities in promoting the region’s assets to a broader market.

The success of Evocities has seen Bathurst capitalise on its proximity to Sydney as a lure for young families, and Bathurst Regional Council continues to seek out new events and attractions to build the local tourist economy.

There is a lot to like about our city and the message seems to be spreading.