Already-high fuel prices are on the rise in Bathurst

BEST IN TOWN: The Metro on Rocket Street has the best prices in Bathurst for the major fuel varities.
BEST IN TOWN: The Metro on Rocket Street has the best prices in Bathurst for the major fuel varities.

IF you thought petrol prices were high now, just wait another week or two. 

On Thursday, the average price for unleaded fuel in Bathurst was 141.5 cents per litre.

Depending on where motorists stopped for fuel, they could have paid anything between  130.9 to 155.0 cents per litre. 

Compared to the same time last year, the average price is up by more than 10 cents per litre, and in the last week alone regional fuel prices have risen by three to five cents on average. 

NRMA spokesperson Saoirse Connolly said prices are likely to go up another one to two cents, the high prices due to the change in Mogas, the benchmark for fuel prices, and crude oil prices. 

“Petrol prices rise and fall depending on the price of crude oil and the movement in the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar. In regional areas there is no price cycle like in metropolitan areas so prices tend to move in accordance with global factors,” she said.

“Crude Oil prices are currently rising due to a number of factors including ongoing cuts in supply by OPEC and non OPEC producers, world political issues and price speculation due to impending US tariffs.”

In some good news, Bathurst motorists are fairing a little better than motorists in other major regional areas.

In Dubbo on Thursday, the average price was 145.4 cents per litre for unleaded fuel, while Parkes had an average of 142.8 cents per litre.

Ms Connolly said the NRMA encourages motorists to do their homework before filling up.

“As of close of business [Wednesday] in Bathurst, there was a difference in price of up to 25 cents a litre depending on what service station you fill up at, so do your research, plan your trip and by using the NRMA app you will be able to find the cheapest petrol at a location closest to you,” she said. 

On Thursday, the best price for unleaded, diesel and e10 fuel varieties was at the Metro on Rocket Street, where they were priced at 130.9, 132.9 and 126.9 cents per litre respectively. 

Local prices as of April 12, 2018:

  • Shell Stewart Street: 148.4 e10, 149.9 unleaded, 146.9 diesel
  • BP Stewart Street: 147.9 unleaded + ethanol, 143.9 diesel, 161.9 ultimate 98
  • 7-Eleven Stewart Street: 147.9 e10, 149.9 unleaded, 167.9 supreme 98, 141.9 diesel
  • United Durham Street: 127.5 e10, 131.5 ULP, 138.9 diesel
  • Shell Durham Street: 149.9 unleaded + ethanol, 167.9 unleaded 95, 146.9 diesel
  • Caltex Durham Street: 149.9 unleaded, 168.9 Vortex 98, 149.9 diesel
  • Caltex Stockland Drive: 149.9 unleaded, 142.9 diesel
  • 7-Eleven Kelso: 147.9 e10, 149.9 unleaded, 167.9 supreme 98, 139.9 diesel
  • BP Kelso: 147.9 unleaded + ethanol, 141.9 diesel, 161.9 ultimate 98
  • Caltex Pat O'Leary Drive: 147.9 e10, 161.9 Vortex 95, 148.9 diesel
  • BP Raglan: 147.9 unleaded + ethanol, 161.9 premium 95, 138.9 diesel
  • Caltex Bentinck Street: 147.9 e10, 161.9 Vortex 95, 146.9 diesel
  • Metro Rocket Street: 126.9 e10, 130.9 unleaded, 132.9 diesel 
  • Metro Perthville: 135.9 unleaded, 145.9 premium, 134.9 diesel