Council, developer at odds over water course in Eglinton subdivision

THE developer behind a proposed 222-lot subdivision at Eglinton has resubmitted plans to Bathurst Regional Council that propose altering a water course along the western edge of the development – directly defying the wishes of councillors.

Hynash Pty Ltd is seeking to create 219 new residential lots – plus one rural lot, one open space lot and one lot reserved for future school use - on 44 hectares of land behind Eglinton Public School in an area bounded by Freemantle Road and Logan Street.

Councillors voted in March to send the developer back to the drawing board over concerns that relocating the water course could create future flooding problems in the subdivision.

They passed a motion calling for the developer to lodge new plans that show the “retention of the existing water course traversing the land including appropriate buffers”.

However, the plans to be tabled at council on Wednesday night still seek to relocate the water course but include new details about the proposed upgrading of the drainage line along the western boundary.

The plans would see the natural water course converted to a trapezoidal channel from Freemantle Road to Logan Street, with a section of the current water course to be realigned 300 metres to the west.

There is also a 50 metre wide reserve along the drainage route with proposed cycleways and opportunities for other passive recreation opportunities.

A report to councillors by environmental, planning and building services director Neil Southorn acknowledges the plans do not comply with the motion passed by councillors in March but recommends the subdivision be given the green light to go ahead.

The report says the new plans “achieve not only engineering objectives but also environmental and amenity objectives”.

“The proposed development will provide new housing stock to support the continued growth within Eglinton and Bathurst,” the report concludes.

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