Letter | Editorial rebuking Barilaro was ‘spot on’ for WA

'FOOLISH': NSW deputy premier and state Nationals leader John Barilaro.
'FOOLISH': NSW deputy premier and state Nationals leader John Barilaro.

THE Western Advocate’s editorial of Monday, May 22 was spot on.

Deputy Premier and Nationals leader John Barilaro was foolish to make childish remarks about our member Philip Donato supporting the Inland Rail project.

It is not the first time that Mr Barilaro has made ill-considered and unwise remarks.

Just before Christmas, he called for the prime minister to stand down despite that he and Malcolm Turnbull are on the same side of politics.

Wisely, a few months later, Mr Barilaro changed his mind about the prime minister.

Citizens in the Orange electorate would be bitterly disappointed if their local Member of Parliament did not support the Inland Rail project.

Not only will such a project benefit the Orange electorate but the whole of Australia.

The general consensus in the Orange electorate is that Philip Donato is doing a good job.

No doubt those in power do not appreciate the strong and forthright manner in which Mr Donato fights for the good of the Orange electorate and its citizens.

Bill Walsh