Parade | Snow joke for the region’s footy players

MAJESTIC: Reader Christopher Yow snapped this great shot of a crow in Bathurst's Machattie Park.
MAJESTIC: Reader Christopher Yow snapped this great shot of a crow in Bathurst's Machattie Park.

TALK of possible snow this weekend has certainly created a bit of buzz, but not everyone is licking their lips with anticipation.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s MetEye website is showing a large patch of snow around Oberon developing from 10am on Sunday and growing as the early afternoon rolls on.

And it looks to be hitting its peak about 2pm – just as the Group 10 premier league clash between the Oberon Tigers and Cowra Magpies is due to kick off in Oberon.

It wouldn’t be the first time many of the Oberon players have run on in snow but it might be a different story for the Cowra lads.

Bathurst Panthers will be taking on Hawks at Wade Park in Orange about the same time, and they could be in for some snow as well.

Meanwhile, St Pat’s will take on Lithgow Workies at Jack Arrow Oval and while we’re not expecting any snow in Bathurst, a forecast top of just nine degrees means conditions won’t be too comfortable there, either.

Colour the key when dressing

BLACK might be the comfortable (and slimming) go-to for everyday wear, but wearing colour can have a positive influence on how others respond to you. Colour therapist Vicki Engeham says black is powerful, but it doesn’t let anyone in. 

“You cannot read a person who is wearing black. It's good when you're in an office with 50 other people. If, say, you were to wear yellow, everyone will say 'hi' and be smiling at you.” 

Yellow is the colour of happiness, laughter and mental clarity, while sage green is calming and encourages openness. Red can encourage anger but, used carefully, it can also represent action and strength.

Granddaughter sings Don’s song

WHO knew Sir Donald Bradman was a composer?

The Don’s granddaughter, acclaimed soprano Greta Bradman, will perform in Bathurst this week at the Cathedral of St Michael and St John in a showing featuring a special orchestral arrangement of Every Day Is A Rainbow Day For Me, a song written in 1930 by Sir Donald.

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