Good news on the doorstep: Our week of whimsy and mystery

THEY’RE the little pieces of whimsy that have delighted Western Advocate staff and passersby all week, but also left us scratching our heads.

Three times this week Advocate staff have arrived at work to find unusual “gifts” left overnight on the doorstep of the Russell Street entrance.

On Tuesday, it was a small pile of snow. There was no indication who have left it there but there were two signs stuck in the snow.

The first read, “Isolated snow falls in the Bathurst CBD overnight” and the second, “Or is it a deep frost? You decide!”

That was quite nice, but staff thought not much more of it until they arrived at work on Thursday to find the mystery man or woman had returned overnight.

This time there was sign saying “Rain causes rock slide”, along with some cute rocks (complete with eyes and feet) playing beside their own little tin foil slippery dip.

And on Friday morning it was “Crop circles discovered at Bathurst” with rings of corn cobs and wheat.

Who knows what next week will hold?

Someone is putting quite a bit of time into these little tableaux and we’d love to know who it is.

If you have any information, please phone the Advocate on 6331 2611 or drop us a line at