Windradyne Whisperer | Right site? Depends on how you feel about access

PROMINENT: The 29-35 Sydney Road site has highway frontage, but getting into the property is not easy.
PROMINENT: The 29-35 Sydney Road site has highway frontage, but getting into the property is not easy.

BATHURST Regional Council has purchased 29-35 Sydney Road, known locally as “heartbreak corner” after many businesses over many years (since the original service station changed predominantly to a used car outlet) struggled to survive due to restricted vehicle access from Sydney Road. 

I understand this roughly 3500 square metre site adjacent to Bunnings has been purchased as part of council’s future commercial land strategy. 

This site joins the old Evans Shire Chambers and works depot also owned by council, so the combined area strategically gives highway frontage to Sydney Road. 

One thing won’t change, though: access from Sydney Road, which is effectively opposite the Gilmour Street intersection, will forever remain restricted by Roads and Maritime Services, so any future commercial development will only receive access via the long way around from Stockland Drive and Lee Street.

A form of flattery

SORRY to be cynical, but does Mayfield Garden at Oberon copy each successful festival in the Bathurst region? 

I know it’s a compliment to have our ideas copied and there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel, but it seems a bit blatant to me that our winter festival and our long-running cool climate wine show seem to have been mimicked – to name two. 

All’s fair in love and war, I suppose!

Weather or not

WHILE on the Bathurst Winter Festival, the weather, unfortunately, halved the crowd from last year – despite the hype from council about how successful Saturday night turned out to be.

Last year proved Bathurstians will go out in the cold, but this year proved Bathurstians won’t go out if it’s raining and cold. 

I hope, for the organisers’ sake, the weather improves over coming weeks.

Lightbulb moment

I WAS very amused to see Councillor Warren Aubin awake from his winter slumber to blow up about the high number of CBD lights that are out. 

I’d suggest Cr Aubin keeps up, as I raised concerns over this very issue three weeks ago, pointing to the street lamp on the corner of William and Russell streets being out (it was then and still is now), which is some 25 metres from the mayor’s office. 

I hear residents no longer report lights out. Maybe, as I experienced, because Essential Energy takes an eternity to fix them?

Space exploration

TRAFFIC within the CBD was in gridlock around 6pm on Saturday as those venturing out to attend the winter festival crawled through the CBD looking for a park.

Meanwhile, the Bathurst City Centre, some 300 metres from Kings Parade, was all but empty, with 500 spaces at the ready. 

It’s amusing Bathurstians still expect a car parking space at the front door of activities and don’t think a few hundred metres outside the square.

Thumbs up

BATHURST warmly welcoming the NSW Premier last week at every function she attended. I hear we left a big impression.

Thumbs down

BLEAK weather conditions halving the crowd at the Bathurst Winter Festival. And worse, bringing little rainfall with it.