Parade | O dear, that doesn’t sound right at all

PARADE’S ears pricked up when he heard our local member – and Racing Minister – Paul Toole referred to as “Paul O’Toole” during a radio news item on Friday morning.

An easy enough mistake to make, Parade thought (and people in glasshouses should avoid stones).

At work later in the day, though, a thought occurred to Parade and he Googled “Paul O’Toole, Racing Minister” just to see what he could see.

And you know what? That vowel and apostrophe are added to our local member’s name many more times than you would think.

At a glance, Parade could see “Paul O’Toole” articles from all over the state and from various news organisations quoting our local member in his capacity as the Racing Minister.

There must be something about the Member for Bathurst that makes people think his name sounds incomplete and could do with a bit of jazzing up.

Name game has specific rules

NAMES can be a bit difficult sometimes, can’t they?

Parade reckons if you don’t correct the mistake the first or second time someone calls you by the wrong name, you’re then committed to that new name, no matter how wrong it is.

And it happens: Parade once let someone (who Parade only saw occasionally) call him by the wrong name for a couple of years rather than make the confusion clear.

It just seemed easier for all concerned.

Atticus awaits – and Jem as well

“THERE are some men in this world who were born to do our unpleasant jobs for us.”

Remember that quote from the American classic To Kill A Mockingbird?

Parade has been flicking through the book again recently after lending it to a friend – and many of the passages, though Parade has read them before, retain their power. 

If you’ve never spent time with them, or haven’t spent time with them for a number of years, Parade would heartily recommend sitting down with Atticus, Jem and Scout.