Western Advocate doorstep gifts: week four | Photos

THE Western Advocate’s mysterious doorstep gift giver not only provided wit and whimsy this week, they provided a meal.

Week four of the series of inventive scenes left on the Advocate’s George Street front step featured frankfurts (“Who let the dogs out?” the accompanying sign asked) and toast (“Bakery burns. Business is toast”).

In a departure from the pattern built up over the previous three weeks, however, we only received two gifts this week, rather than three.

Not that the passing pooches would have been complaining. 

One of the characters in the frankfurt scene left on Monday lost the top half of its body and the toast left on Wednesday also looked like it had received some attention by the end of the day.

We suspect the party responsible in both cases was a hungry dog – or two - going for a walk down George Street.

The first mysterious gift, a snow scene, was left on the Advocate’s doorstep on June 26 and we’ve since had sand, crop circles and flying saucers, among others.