Suspended sentence for woman who punched victim 20 times

A WOMAN who punched another woman in the head at least 20 times because the victim was “being cheeky” has been handed a suspended jail sentence after appearing before Bathurst Local Court.

Jodie Biles, 30, of Cypress Avenue, Orange, appeared before Magistrate Ryan to face charges of common assault and failing to appear.

Police facts tendered to the court told how the victim and a witness went to a property in Patterson Place, Kelso on April 8 this year to check if a bed was still at the address.

Having found the bed, they sat down and had a chat.

About 15 minutes later, according to the police facts, Biles walked inside the house and called out to the witness. Biles then walked into the room and said to the victim: "You want to keep being cheeky to me about Scar?”

"I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” the victim said, according to the police facts.

Biles walked over to the victim, who was still seated, and started punching her in the head, according to the police facts.

Biles punched the victim about 20 times. When the victim fell and got stuck between the bed and the mattress, Biles continued to punch her in the head.

The victim attended Bathurst Police Station a short time later to report the incident, providing police with a statement and photographs of her injuries.

Police were called to Patterson Place at about 2.30pm on Monday, April 9 in relation to a brawl and, while there, saw Biles walking out of a property, approached her and placed her under arrest.

She was cautioned and placed in the rear of the police vehicle.

At Bathurst Police Station, she was introduced to the custody manager, but refused to be interviewed.

On the common assault charge, Magistrate Ryan convicted Biles, placing her on a 12-month Section 12 suspended sentence and ordering her to undertake the supervision of Community Corrections.

The second charge, failing to appear, was dealt with by Magistrate Ryan by way of a Section 10A conviction.