The perfect autumn dessert

AT THE Bathurst Farmers’ Markets a couple of weeks ago there was a plethora of tasty berries for sale.

I snapped up several punnets of fresh raspberries, one of my favourite treats.

The rich, robust flavour reminded me just how good fresh is, compared with the overpriced, watery supermarket variety.

Raspberries start losing their flavour and colour after you pick them. If you want the best fruit you have to grow them yourself.

Our cool-climate region is perfect for growing many different types of berries.

Depending on the variety, you can be guzzling your way through your own home-grown berries from summer through autumn.

I’ve been assured by gardening friends that raspberries are easy to grow, and I am clearing a spot in my garden to create my ownpatch.

Raspberries have cane-like stems that can grow anywhere between 1.5 metres and 2.25 metres high – and they need well-drained soil.

Gardening Australia advises to have 15 to 20 plants per person to ensure you have plenty of raspberries left over for jammaking and desserts. Apparently, well-tended plants can live forover 30 years.

Autumn or winter is the perfect time to plant raspberry bushes, so get into the garden now.

And if you are looking for a quick, easy way to indulge in your raspberries try this idea from my mother-in-law: cut a lamington in half, top both halves with cream and place raspberries on top.

The perfect autumn dessert!