Chinese customers love Australian products: Business owner says

Yangquan City in China.
Yangquan City in China.

THE opportunities of doing business with China are only restricted by your imagination, Bathurst resident Hailing Cheng says.

She arrived in Bathurst from China five years ago to complete a double degree at Charles Sturt University and improve her English, and she soon found there were many business opportunities.

During her degrees, she started an eBay business which sold health and skin care products, handicrafts and decorations to customers in China.

“It was good and many people bought again and again,” Ms Cheng said. “Even though they’re paying postage, it’s still cheaper [than buying the items in China].”

Now that she has completed her degrees, she is keen to expand her business and sell Bathurst-made products to her Chinese customers.

As part of this expansion, Ms Cheng is undertaking research to determine what her customers are looking for and which Bathurst products will suit the demand.

“I’m now looking for local products because I want my business to be unique,” Ms Cheng said.

“People [her customers] are interested in organic food, wine and good quality products.

“More than half of my customers are female.”

Chinese people are interested in Australian products, Ms Cheng said, and they believe they are of a better quality than what they can purchase in their own country.

She said because her business is online it can be run from anywhere, which allows her and her family to continue to call Bathurst home.

Ms Cheng said a recent visit to Bathurst by a delegation of officials from Yangquan City in China to help form business, economic and educational ties between the two cities will provide many opportunities.